This Medium and Our Message

You know the phrase, “The medium is the message“? Coined by famous 20th century media ecologist Marshall McCluhan, he raised our awareness that what is said is subordinate to how it is said, i.e., that technique is subordinate to technology.  What can a blog hope to accomplish?  Or Twitter?  Can anything serious be said in 144 characters or a blog?  Yes, and no.  The environment created by the blogosophere or Twitter is disembodied and abstract, impersonal and theoretical, lacking in risk and incapable of emotion.  It isn’t real, and when real people make an unreal, ethereal technology their primary source of personal engagement and growth, they’re acting contrary to their nature as personal beings with profound intellects, emotions, and wills.

I would not look for enduring comfort from a tweet or a blog, but I can be comforted by both; I wouldn’t seek joy from either, but they can be conduits carrying me to a place where joy can be found.

The content of Ten4Word is intentionally personal even while the author(s) are not.  We hope to help you.  However, this isn’t about us, nor is it about you per se.  None of us exists for ourselves.  We have purpose and intentional design with an end in the Creator.  He is the ultimate environment for Man and Beast, Macs and binary code.  Everything exists in personal relationship to God.  As the authors recede into the background (you won’t find much personal information about them here), we invite you to do the same because our format, giving way to content, draws you closer to joy in God and engaging, changed relationships with others.

Thank you for visiting!  We hope you’ll stick around and take part in our disembodied, nerdy, penultimate socializing.

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