The Daily Trough

A Charlie Brown Christmas (Friday, Dec 19 ’14)
The Gross Inefficiency of Christian Prayer (Thursday, Dec 18 ’14)
A Binder Full of Women (Wednesday, Dec ’14)
The Puritans on Prayer (Tuesday, Dec ’14)
Israel, History, the Bible and Who Cares? (Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014)

The Foolishness of Jesus (Friday, Dec 12 ’14)
5 ?’s to Ask Before You Talk About the Bible (Thursday, Dec 11 ’14)
C.S. Lewis on Chivalry (Tuesday, Dec 9 ’14)
Do You Like My Body (Tuesday, Dec 9 ’14)

One Question to Summary Your Life (Friday, Dec 5 ’14)
The Seminarians Are Coming! (Thursday, Dec 4 ’14)
Be Killing Sin, or It Will Be Killing You (Tuesday, Dec 2 ’14)
The Politics of Dissent (Tuesday, Dec 2 ’14)
Want Fries with that Communion Cup? (Monday, Dec 1 ’14)

How Evil Makes Us Crazy & What You Can Do About It
(Fri, Nov 28 ’14)
The Atheists’ 10 Non-Commandments (Thursday, Nov 27 ’14)
Son of Man: Just What Was Jesus Up To? (Wednesday, Nov 26 ’14)
Words Have Meaning And Stuff (Tuesday, Nov 25 ’14)
History is Waaay Funnier Than You Think (Tuesday, Nov 24 ’14)
Atheism’s New Face: Still Lipstic on a Pig? (Monday, Nov 23 ’14)

4 Truths of History that Explain Your Day (Friday, Nov 21 ’14)
Throwing Back the Duvet on Sin (Thursday, Nov 20 ’14)
Why I Am Not An Evangelical (Tuesday, Nov 18 ’14)
Gospel Conspiracy: You Can’t Handle the Truth (Tuesday, Nov 18 ’14)



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