I have a job.  I have a family.  I have kids.  I vote and do dishes.  My wife is a good wife, and by that I mean she loves me enough to take her vows seriously…and she makes cookies that bring Heaven a bit closer to earth. We are a family held together by a God who is better to us than we deserve and who receives from us less than he demands.  Yet, we are doing the best we can to train our kids (I think we have three, but they keep moving so that head-count is a bit tricky) to view us as stewards and themselves as servants, each to the God who made us and takes care of us chiefly in Christ Jesus, our merciful savior in spite of ourselves.

I’m 34 going-on-grave, but waiting on the day when an endless death becomes endless glory and light the likes of which no one can imagine and can barely see in the distance.  It can’t come soon enough (I have deadlines, too).


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