Hi. My name is Daniel and I was cajoled into being a part of this blog. I will post things from time to time. I was born in the northern hemisphere of the third planet of the same star system from which I write this post, I drink drinks that cost too much, I pick things up and put them down, and I wonder along with Rob Thomas what it would be like to be a superhero.

I am 28 and am a Bible and history teacher at Cherokee Christian School in the lovely Woodstock, Georgia. I used to write a good bit, but not so much any more, due to an unfortunate decline in discipline on my part. So hopefully this blog will be a good way for me to get back into the habit. It’ll be good for me even if none of you fine folks read it. That is your Constitutional right, as defined by the esteemed Mr. Madison, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Franklin, et al.

What else? I grew up in Florida, spent six years in Mississippi, and my very first and unremembered years in Illinois, from which place derive my immediate parents, and through them I’m told I sprout from Dutch and Italian stock. I suppose if ever I felt so inclined to pursue river dancing or organized crime, this would be to my advantage. As it is, I settle for Italian food and cheering for the Dutch in the World Cup should America fail. And if you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much, that’s a fact.

The end.




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