New Here?

“Ten Forward.”  Two words that create immediate nostalgia for every sci-fi aficionado.  In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Ten Forward was a place on the Starship Enterprise where every visitor and crew member eventually came.  From Ten Forward, they could get a view of the space ahead while reflecting on adventures past.  We hope our homophonous “Ten4Word” will do the same.

More or less (and no apologies for tipping the scale either way), the format will follow this pattern in the Daily Trough:

Monday, Monday Morning Paper:  Trending, terrible, or top-to-us articles and news from the past week.  Be warned: it’s like Forrest’s box of chocolates….

Tuesday, Name and Place: Quotes of past writings in history and theology with special emphasis on the latter and the significance for Christians

Wednesday, Biblical Theology: Reflections on biblical themes running from the Hebrew to the Christian Scriptures and their fulfillment in Jesus

Thursday, (Occasional) Book Reviews and Original Articles: Book reviews and eclectic opinion pieces

Friday, Sabbath Slow-Down: Short expositions to assist in family preparation for Sunday morning worship



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