Time to Redefine “Marriage”

Name and Place for October 28 (’14)

I’ve never met more people who define marriage differently from the way it has been defined for millennia.  And in the Church, no less. Some take it a step beyond definition and give the purpose of 6a00d8341c00c753ef019aff2280d1970b-800wimarriage, too.  The oddest answer I’ve ever been given as to the purpose of marriage was by a Dutchman with about 7 kids.  I preached a sermon on Ephesians 5:22-33 wherein Paul says that marriage is given us to reflect a deeper ontological relationship between Jesus and his people.  The Dutchman was (almost) furious.  He argued with me, spoke down to me, and generally, called me a fool.  “Marriage,” he said, “is about getting to know each other.”


If that’s all it is….

Today’s quote comes from an article from October 7 and is a very short reason why the Dutchman was wrong and Paul the Apostle is right.  The author, Russel Moore, says there is…

…the temptation to listen to those who would want to jettison a Christian sexual ethic in order to acclimate to the cultural moment. We have no authority to revise what Jesus has handed down to us. Our vision of marriage is not the equivalent of a church constitution and by-laws, adaptable by a majority vote. Marriage is not simply a cultural or legal practice, but is instead an icon of the union between Christ and his church, embedded in the creation (Eph. 5:22-31). Without a Christian vision of marriage, we have no Christian vision of the gospel.

It’s high time Christians speak together to redefine marriage back to what it always used to be.  Too many today hold a damning definition that obscures, and sometimes destroys, the Gospel of salvation in Christ.


2 thoughts on “Time to Redefine “Marriage”

  1. Our sexually free culture will not stand for a definition of marriage that limits that sexual freedom, and the unconverted pastors and teachers in the churches will not stand for it either. To deny the Bible’s authority to establish the purpose and boundaries of marriage is an indication of not being converted to the Lordship of Christ and submission to His word.  Jimmy McGuire http://www.fellowship-presbyterian.org/


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