This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain on Kindle

Monday Morning Paper for October 13 (’14)

For “people of the Book,” reports like this should be taken seriously. God didn’t speak to us by giving us a browser or an App, though many may confuse Steve Jobs with God.   Because he gave us a book, and IMG_1438because that book really does require deep thinking processes, we should practice self-reflection and see how we have changed from the days prior to constant WiFi, Net, and other kinds of digital stimulation.  God did not give us a webpage to skim and scan for high points. He gave us a book, full of various genres, written by humans full of idiosyncrasies. It requires, in other words, more attention than we generally give it, especially when the attention we do give it has been (sometimes severely) altered in a way making it harder to understand.

While I do not believe Kindle-reading the same as online reading (since you are still reading a book), science has shown even a Kindle stimulates different parts of the brain compared to a book.  After all, why should this be a surprise?  You can’t smell a Kindle, but you can smell paper, touch it, even taste it (but…why?).  We might say, there is less a difference between book and Kindle than Kindle and online article, and for Christians, we ought take notice.

Enjoy this article discussing more of these concepts:

Your Paper Brain and Your Kindle Brain Aren’t the Same Thing

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