The Failure of the Holy Spirit…?

Name and Place for September 23 (’14)

EG_Blog-BannerBarbara Duguid has written an exceptional work on grace—no small feat in a Christian publishing industry that produces so many books on this doctrine you could line them across the Atlantic and walk from NYC to London never getting wet.  This one, though, is worth the time it took to read it.  A brief quote from chapter one of her Extravagant Grace: God’s Glory Displayed in Our Weakness:

Let’s be honest: if the chief work of the Holy Spirit in sanctification is to make Christians more sin-free, then he isn’t doing a very good job. The church throughout the ages and throughout the world has not usually been known for it purity and goodness. Instead, it is wracked by a constant history of strife, violence, and hypocrisy. People often cannot differentiate a believer from an unbeliever by their apparent goodness. In fact, there are many unbelievers who are morally superior to Christians and live lives of far greater nobility, generosity, and purpose than we who profess faith in Christ” (Extravagant Grace, 30).

You may hear Barbara discuss her book on (an exceptional) podcast, Mortification of Spin, located here.  Her book is all the more enjoyable for its dependence on the letters of John Newton, the Puritan who wrote “Amazing Grace.”

We highly recommend this book written for all of us who struggle so pervasively towards holiness, without which no one will see the Lord (Heb 12:14).


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