Get Outta My Face(book) & My(space), You Twit(ter)! Kevin DeYoung on the Growing Need for Digital Ethics

Name and Place for July 1 (’14)

returnKevin DeYoung, author of numerous books and pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan, blogged recently on 10 lessons he’s learned the hard way in the digital realm.  #3 is a slam-dunk.  Would that more Christians exercised the spiritual gift of discernment coupled with patience before they hit “return” on their keyboard!

3. Do I really know what I’m talking about? One of the great things about working on my PhD is that I can see more clearly how hard it is to really, truly be an expert in something. The internet is full of amateurs who think they are experts. That doesn’t mean you can’t voice an opinion about the Hobby Lobby case without being a lawyer or that you can’t explain the Bible without a seminary degree. It does mean that we should at least pause before posting to consider whether our brilliant manifesto is anything more than opinion rooted in speculation, based on hearsay, buttressed by a 45 second Google search.

Kevin has written numerous short books for 9-5 Christians struggling to live faithfully.  We highly recommend them all.  Click here to pick one or two or three….

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