Jonathan Edwards on Christ: Broken Fingers and Billowing Waves

Name and Place for Tuesday, June 17 (’14)

In healing the sick, and opening the eyes of the blind, and unstopping the ears of the deaf, and healing the lame, [Christ] showed that he was the God that framed the eye, and created the ear, and was the author of the frame of man’s body… By his stilling the storm, and calming the rage of the sea, by his powerful command, saying, ‘Peace, be still,’ he showed himself to be he that has the command of the universe, and to be that God that brings things to pass by the word of his power, that speaks and it is done, that commands and it stands fast.

Quote taken from a collection of Jonathan Edwards’ writings, Sermons and Discourses, 1734-1738, 575.  Other works of his may be purchased from WTS Books.

Edwards was, and remains, a penetrating thinker from the Colonial era.  It will be a joy to lift voice in praise of the Savior he proclaimed when, on that last day, we all will stand together at the Throne of the Lamb.

An Offered Prayer:
“Heavenly Father, please give us the vision of Jonathan Edwards because of an ever-increasing love of your Word.  Lift our eyes and imaginations to the infinite satisfaction found in resting in you.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”


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