Cur Deus Homo? Who Cares What Jesus Was/Is/Is to Come!

Name and Place for Tuesday, June 10 (’14)

From a new systematic theology by Doug Kelly, the Richard Jordan Professor of Theology at RTS Charlotte, on the hypostatic union of Jesus:

The hypostatic (or personal) union of two natures, human and divine, in the one Person of Christ, the eternal Son of God, the Logos, was rightly understood by the Church to be essential to the salvation of the world. In order to be the Mediator between God and mankind, so as to bring them back together, thereby saving lost humanity, Christ had to become a man, while remaining at the same time God. The Christian Church for the first five centuries of its existence made every costly effort, at times including exile, persecution and martyrdom, with massive biblical and theological reflection, writing, and prayer, to clarify the biblical teaching on this crucial truth, which they saw to be central to the salvation of the lost, the preservation of the Gospel, and the extension of the Great Commission given them by Christ.

The next time someone asks, “What’s the big deal?” regarding a doctrinal point that seems obscure, or pedantic, or unnecessary, remind them that, though they may not realize the significance, doctrine matters for salvation. What you believe depends on who you are believing in. And that makes all the difference.

Quote taken from: Systematic Theology, Vol 2. Grounded in Holy Scripture and Understood in the Light of the Church: The Beauty of Christ: A Trinitarian Vision, 183-184.

Available at a low price from WTS Books.

For a further explanation of the theological concept of the “hypostatic union”, start here with an article from


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